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The gimmick consists of a special miniature motor concealed in the deck. Unique to this method is the special weighted gravity switch that gives you complete control over the motor. It can be switched on and off simply by changing the position of the deck.

This is the easiest and most magical looking rising cards we've ever seen! The motor needs no batteries, it's a spring-driven system that runs silently with no vibration whatsoever. They'll have no idea there is a motor powering it, even when they're holding it in their own hands!
You also would never guess there's anything in the deck because every card moves freely.  There is no solid block to give it away. The design of this thing is truly ingenious, you'll have to see it to believe it!
  • * No batteries to wear out!
  • * No threads to tangle and break!
  • * No noisy and unpredictable weights!
Comes complete with precision gimmicked Bicycle deck and detailed instruction sheets.  Routine by Marc DeSouza.

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