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 This collection is the latest in the series of successful Scryer/Webster publications. It features exceptional routines and subtleties that will empower you as a performer and reader.


Why is this book called "Scryer's Vault?" Because 60% of the content was written prior to Neal's groundbreaking "White and Black" book. It doesn't get more underground than this!


Premonition Invisible Gifts: A presentation of gifts in a bag with an invisible deck guaranteed to get you future booking. Fit to perform as a stand-alone effect. Extremely strong and unforgettable.

Svengali Automatic Writing: An amazing presentation in automatic writing – their jaws will drop. An extremely clever stand-alone piece.

Imaginary Sea Shells: A journey and a reading at the same time. A masterpiece in which the spectator hears their answers with make believe sea shells. One of Scryer’s most coveted routines.
Rose Blessing and Reading : A reading and a blessing. A precious and extraordinary piece highly guarded – this is one they will talk about. 
Email Q&A: Never in reading history has anything like this been written. A powerful and worth the price of the book.
Answering Question With A Rose: To describe this effect would be to spoil it. Sorry!

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