Sensational Blocks

Sensational Blocks

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A Trick with an interesting history and an interesting series of effects!
Invented at the beginning of the 20th Century it developed to a fireworks of effects, amazement, excitement and entertainment at its finest. An important improvement was published in a magic magazine of the German Democratic Republic in the 1960s. That improvement means, that the order of numbers, freely selected by the audience, is written with chalk at the outside of the tube – and the cubes arrange exact in that order!

You present a column of cubes which are marked with the numbers 1 to 4. The number 4 is at the bottom, followed by the number 3, the number 2, and the number 1 on top. You cover the stack of cubes with the tube, lift off the tube and show, that the cubes are arranged with the number 1 at the bottom, the number 4 on top.

You repeat that amazing effect several times, the number changes places, turn from the front to the back, with the even or uneven number towards the audience and at the end you finish with an sensational climax: The audience tells you their favourite order of the numbers and you write that order at the outside of the tube. Then you build up the stack of blocks in a complete different way! Nevertheless, the numbers arrange without fail into the order, given by the spectators!
A sensationally good piece of workmanship which functions perfectly, offering an unbeatable price-performance ratio. Tube height approx. 30 cm, size of each cube about 7.5 cm.

With our precision-made “Sensational Blocks Illusion decorated for maximum stage presence, your presentation is guaranteed to win applause in a small circle of spectators and on the big stage. Your spectators will be talking about it long after the show.
If you are looking for an illusion that mystifies your spectators again and again, one in which the sequence of effects puzzles those watching, one that thoroughly amuses your spectators, during which you are guaranteed to get applause after each sequence and one that functions reliably, this is it. You will never regret buying it.

Important Question: Does the Sensational Blocks replace the old classic Cuba Libre? No it doesn´t!
Use your Cuba Libre for Stage and bigger performances where you have enough space to perform on two tables to make the effect at its best. Perform Sensational Blocks in front of an audience in parlour, small stages, weddings and all the other situations, you do not have big space to perform!

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