Silver Sceptre

Silver Sceptre

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Over the years, this has proven itself to be an ALL-TIME WINNER with audiences. It’s potential far exceeds its simple mechanics. For those who don’t know the effect: you have a silver wand in a carrying case. The wand rises out of the case when you’re not looking. It pokes you in the eye or your nose! Put it in its case, and the case goes flying across the room! Its uses are endless, as any experienced children’s entertainer will tell you. Where’s the magic? Well, in one sense, there isn’t any, but there is COMEDY and ENTERTAINMENT all the way. Of course, you don’t have to claim that this is a wand at all. It could be a car aerial which seems to have a mind of its own. Watch this on the Terry Herbert DVDs. It’s a master class and a masterpiece!

For some time we have felt that there was a need for a really top quality version of Silver Sceptre, which has to be one of the best effects for children. This does everything which the old standard version does, but there are a few notable features: the holder is made of material, not plastic, so it flops beautifully (those who use the prop regularly will know what I mean!) Secondly, if the elastic breaks (and it is tough and should last for ages) the ends of the beads are left open so re-threading is an easy matter.

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