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Perform mind-boggling business card miracles!

  • You’ll restore a torn business card.
  • You’ll magically contort a signed card.
  • You’ll perform the most mind boggling magic square ever!
  • You’ll receive 20 exceptionally entertaining routines – with complete patter and presentation – from the minds of Greg Wilson, Michael Close, Michael Weber, Paul Harris, Dan Harlan, Jay Sankey, David Harkey, T.A. Waters, Daryl, Doug Wicks and others

Gregory Wilson's StockHolder is more than a business card case. It’s a genuine leather, custom designed business card holder with a built in secret device that lets you accomplish an unlimited number of business card effects. The StockHolder is so handsome you’ll carry it with you everywhere.

The Stockholder wallet is accompanied by a 72-page book containing more than 90 photos and illustrations to make each and every effect easy to learn. And – it’s a kick to read!

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