Stripper Deck w Booklet

Stripper Deck w Booklet

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The stripper (or tapered) deck is one of the most diabolical tools in card magic. It lets the complete beginner perform tricks that would otherwise require years of practice. And even though this is a gimmicked deck, you can still let your audience examine this deck. Unlike classic gimmicked decks like the Svengali, Invisible, or Mental Photography decks, you can pass this deck out, and even play a card game with the stripper deck without anyone ever knowing that this is a trick deck.


Use the special secret of the Stripper Deck to: magically separate an entire suit from a fully shuffled deck, Use your incredible sense of touch to feel and identify the spectator's card, instantly find any card that has been hidden and shuffled into the deck, communicate with "invisible spirits" that will report the selected card's location, mentally force a group of people to think that they all selected the same card and perform many other amazing feats!

With this product, you'll receive the book 101 Amazing Magic Tricks with a Stripper Deck, along with a Bicycle Rider Back stripper deck.

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