Super Vision Cube
Super Vision Cube
Super Vision Cube
Super Vision Cube
Super Vision Cube
Super Vision Cube

Super Vision Cube

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This is the classic toy reinvented for the modern magician.

With Super Vision Cube, you will have full control over what you want to be shown in the box. There are no electronics involved, and only one cube is used in the entire routine, which is 100% examinable at the beginning and at the end without the need for a switch.

The cube is fully customizable with the white plastic stickers included, making this a great tool for any type of performer, from serious mentalists to street magicians.

Super Vision Cube can not only be used to read minds, but also to force anything you want, as you decide what you want to be shown on the top side.

We have designed our gimmick to be 40% smaller than most of the original "Vision Cubes" out there, meaning that its pocket size is perfect for carrying all day without noticing.

You can come up with amazing routines using Super Vision Cube, as you can use multiple cubes to force words that you have already predicted inside an envelope (routine explained in the tutorial).

We also include a ready-to-go three-phase routine that will fool many magicians, as the thought behind it is so great that most of them will think you are using a high-tech electronic item.

With Super Vision Cube, you will receive:

  • Gimmick designed from the ground up, made of plastic, and handcrafted in Spain.
  • Box 40% smaller than most original Vision Cubes on the market.
  • Set of stickers to customize your gimmick.
  • Tutorial video from Julio Montoro explaining multiple ideas.

Disclaimer: Included stickers are not whiteboard material. We thought about that, but if the spectator touches the cube between their hands, all the drawings/letters/numbers would be erased.

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