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From the mind of underground creator Al Bach, comes a surreal experience that's years in the making and audience tested.

The performer tucks a silk handkerchief into his left hand, a small portion left dangling. Next, a small black disc with a hole in the center is displayed, and affixed to the back of his hand.The audience watches, mesmerized, as the performer begins pulling the silk through the back of his hand! He then removes the silk, and the black disc, with no apparent physical damage to his hand. It's as if, nothing happened at all.

Requires no difficult sleights. Perfect for close-up and stage performances, Surreal packs small, but plays extremely big, and leaves a huge impression on your audience.

Includes colorful diamond cut silk, top secret device, and instructional DVD. BONUS TRICK INCLUDED: Learn Al Bach's "Pluck-It!", an alternate version of the silk-through-hand plot.

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