The Can (La Croix)
The Can (La Croix)

The Can (La Croix)

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The Can is the easiest coin in can you will ever perform! Imagine this; borrow a coin from your spectator and have them initial the coin. Showing The Can from all sides you then proceed to take their signed coin and visually toss the coin into the can. It is that simple and that clean! You can then proceed to repeat the same effect but in the spectator's hands! Have them hold their hand out flat and place the signed coin on their hand. Then you’ll place The Can on top of the coin and the spectator places their hand on top of The Can (imagine The Can sandwiched between the spectators hands at this point). You proceed to tell your spectator to shake the can up and down in a vigorous motion and they FEEL the coin pass through the bottom of The Can. This is an awesome effect that is also perfect for all your virtual events or social media magic.

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