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Three Card Monte: Scarne
by John Scarne

Learn the secrets to the most famous con artist trick!

This wonderful book was written in the mid 1930s when illegal gambling was rampant and many people were victims of con games. Like today, the Three Card Monte was played on the streets and some of the wealthiest people of the day were taken in by the technique of the card sharps.

If you are interested in the workings of this classic con game, the legendary gambler magician John Scarne teaches it ALL in this book. The secret signals, the card moves and sleights, the sucker effects, even the slang terms and lingo are covered. Whether you want to learn the moves yourself, or you are just curious about how this con works, this is a great read!

Softbound book. 46 pages. Illustrated with B&W photos. Book only- use your own cards. Obviously for entertainment purposes only. If you want an easy to work version of this trick, please see our Three Card Monte card trick.

You'll get a 46-page softbound book, illustrated with black & white photos.
You supply the ordinary playing cards.

Definition of Gambling Terms
Grifter's Signals
Three Card Monte
Series of Deceptive Moves
Bent or Crimped Corner
The Flip
The Flip Change
Grifter's Marked Corner
Scarne's Monte Slide
Scarne's Triple Climax
Scarne's Own Method of the Crimped Corner
Scarne's Marked Corner
The Stamped Ace
Scarne's Method of the Torn Corner
Scarne's Push Over Change
Mexican Turnover
The Daub

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