Twizted 2.0
Twizted 2.0

Twizted 2.0

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It was originally released in 2010 - but it’s been unavailable for 6 years…. Until now.

The Twizted gimmick creates the kind of visuals that sleight-of-hand wishes it could achieve.

You can use this gimmick for:

  • Sandwich effects
  • Reversals
  • Transpositions
  • Teleportations
  • & more

In fact, it’s so versatile Eric considers this to be the flipper coin of card magic. Everyone should own it.

Inside you will get 2x twizted gimmicks, handmade by Eric Jones himself, to guarantee the highest quality.

As well as access to all of his established and new ideas with this gimmick. Including Eric's favorite way to perform it… the Money card.

And this isn’t just limited to social media - this is a worker gimmick that’s easier to use and can be burned in close-up performances.

Unlike many other gimmicks, you want them to be looking at this.

These gimmicks can be added to any normal deck of red bicycle cards for truly wild & visual magic.


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