Ultimate Oil and Water
Ultimate Oil and Water

Ultimate Oil and Water

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The fairest, most baffling Oil and Water routine you'll ever see. Discover why Derren Brown and David Berglas believe "Ultimate Oil and Water" by Anthony Owen is one of the best versions of the plot ever created.

Anthony Owen was well-known for his unrivaled ability to re-imagine classic ideas. His goal was often to simplify effects down to a point where they toed the line of real magic. "Ultimate Oil and Water" is a perfect example of his unique gifts.

Removing all the clutter typically found in Oil and Water routines, Anthony created a poetic piece of magic that is visual and direct. You make magic happen with essentially no movement. It looks as close to the real thing as you can get.

Derren Brown summed it up perfectly when he said "Anthony's Oil and Water is the cleanest you'll ever see."

You show three red and three black cards. They are fairly, slowly mixed. Yet, each time, they unmix themselves with no suspicious moves or funny business. For the most impossible of endings, you repeat the moves, but with the cards face up! You'll even learn the powerful glass table handling where your audience can watch the cards from below a glass table.

This routine is as pure and clean as it is powerful. And it's super easy to do! No need to worry about complicated sleight of hand. The special gimmicked Bicycle cards handle all the hard work for you!

Following his unfortunate passing at a far too young age in 2019, Vanishing Inc. is proud to honor Anthony's legacy with this remastered version of "Ultimate Oil and Water". This special set includes pre-made gimmicks and a 30-minute tutorial teaching you everything you need to get the most out of it. As a bonus, you'll also get a handy accessory that enables you to create your own gimmicks out of any deck of cards in just a few seconds.

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