Victorian Psychic Clock

Victorian Psychic Clock

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Completely Examinable, it can even be handled by the spectator!

This isn’t some kind of thumper device or vibration system; you actually see the number the clock was set to visibly.

A beautiful Victorian clock with just one hand is shown and handed to a spectator. The magician shows 12 jumbo bicycle cards representing the hours 1 through twelve with the queen being 12. While the magician’s back is turned, the clock is set to any time. The magician then turns around and instantly removes the card that is the same number as the hour the spectator set on the clock.

This can be repeated indefinitely, and it is foolproof.

You don’t need to use the cards; you can just name the number if you wish or reveal it with a prediction!

  • 13 inches tall
  • Perfect for close up, parlor, or stage!
  • 12 Jumbo Bicycle Cards and Burlap Carrying Bag Included!

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