Wand Machine

Wand Machine

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How do you make magic wands? Easy! You use a Wand Machine!

You display a box on all sides and then open it up and peer right through it. Once the box is closed again, a noisy handle is cranked, and a piece of square dowelling is taken out. It’s the right sort of shape, but it should be rounded. The piece of wood is placed back in the box and the handle is cranked again. Out comes a rounded piece of wood. Perfect…except it needs to be colored, so paint is tipped into the machine. Unfortunately, things keep going wrong and you never seem to get quite the color you want.
Firstly the wand is all black, then all white, then striped, followed by spotted, then white with black ends before, finally, you end up with a proper black and white wand. The box is once again empty.

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