Washing Machine

Washing Machine

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A true classic of children's entertainment - the Magic Washing Machine!
The magician realises that something is smelling pretty badly and after a while finds out that he has forgotten a pair of socks in his magic box. The one red, the other white and they really PONG! “Don’t Panic!” The magician has his portable travel washing machine with them… Let’s wash the socks!

A child is allowed to help and is outfitted with an apron and a pair of marigolds, already creating a comical situation. The socks go into the washing machine, the child turns on the crank, "because there is no power". Turning the crank produces a rattling sound, then the child takes the socks out of the machine. Oh no! The socks are completely holey and torn. Oops, we probably turned the handle too long!

The holey socks go back into the machine, and again the crank is turned, this time in the other direction. The socks are taken out of the washing machine - and have turned into a super-long striped sock, a la Pippi Longstocking. You like the look of this, but one is not enough! The long striped stocking goes back into the washing machine - another washing program is set, the crank turned back and forth. Disaster! The socks have shrunk to the size of baby socks - we washed them too hot!

Finally, the baby socks are put back in the washing machine, all children say a spell, the crank is turned - and the socks come out of the machine - undamaged, the right size, freshly washed and wonderfully scented. The children can even smell them!

This is an extremely funny routine, with lots of chances for bits of business and comedy wands etc. In the past however, the problem was always the design of the machine:

• The socks had to be put into the machine from the top.
• The handling was absolutely not natural, the magician had to reach into the machine up to the elbow to exchange the socks in the false bottom
• Cheesy, self-sewn and unnatural-looking socks were used.
• The crank was stiff and could not be operated by a child.
• Last but not least, the machine was SO HEAVY!

All these problems have now been eliminated after almost a year of development, prototyping and demonstration optimisation, including in a theme park under the harshest conditions.

With this model, the socks are placed into the machine from the front, which is absolutely natural and makes sense to children. After closing and opening the door, the ‘switched’ socks are exactly where the other socks were placed before. An absolutely simple, clear and, above all, natural handling. You will almost fool yourself!

The crank is easy to turn. It can be easily operated by the youngest of children and produces a loud noise! The machine is lightweight, yet tough and durably built.

And finally, of course, you will receive from us high quality socks, which are perfect for this trick, and look great!

Dimensions: 13.75" x 11" x 5.5"

Weight: 4 pounds

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