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Who Killed the King is a very easy card effect. It's strength lies in the presentation. As a magician, I spend a lot of time playing with cards. One day, while playing with a standard Bicycle deck of playing cards I noticed that the hand and sleeve resting on the chest of the King of Hearts and the sleeve holding the sword going into his head were different. Someone had killed the King!


Taking a closer look at the Queens, I discovered that the killer's sleeve matched that of the Queen of Spades. I pondered over this image for a long time, wondering how long this has been passed down from illustrator to illustrator and whether or not this was done consciously - if there was a real purpose behind this drawing. I knew there had to be a Shakespearean tale of love, life and death hiding here. And if there wasn't, I had to create it. Years later, I found the evidence...which I present to you now, in a form of an entertaining murder-mystery that can be presented close-up or on stage for an audience of 200.


You will receive:

  • 4 Professionally printed, heavy-stock JUMBO+ sized cards. Kings and Queens
  • 1 JUMBO Scattered Cards - Psychological Force Card
  • Instruction Booklet

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