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Wild Card
by Frank Garcia

This effect is unbelievable!

The magician is asked to do a trick; he proceeds to remove nine cards from his pocket. He then calls attention to the fact that EIGHT of the NINE cards are identical and the one "WILD" card is of a different suit and value. These are slowly shown and counted. The packet of nine cards is placed in the left hand face down. Four of these cards are dealt onto the table face down; four of the remainder cards are dealt face up to the right of the four-facedown cards. The magician is left holding the "WILD" card. He then taps the backs of the four-facedown cards, and as they are turned over, it is found that each of the cards has acted in sympathy with the "WILD" card with such rapidity, that the layman is left breathless.

This trick is a "WILD" one and definitely a reputation builder. Remember, only NINE cards are used and no ROUGH and SMOOTH principle. A MUST for close-up workers. Ready to work wonders for you.

Complete with special plastic wallet to hold the bicycle poker cards.

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