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After many requests, Kaufman and Company is reprinting one of its most famous books - Williamson's Wonders. Written and illustrated by Richard Kaufman, in hardcovers with dust jackets, and almost 100 pages. 

This book is thin, but it's filled with quality, practical close-up magic performed by professionals every day. His "51 Cards to Pocket", "Torn and Restored Transposition", and "Striking Vanish" have been performed by some of the most famous close-up and comedy magicians in the world in their shows and on TV. 

For the family performer, the "Famous Three Card Trick" and "He Who Spelt it Dealt it" are both highly entertaining pieces of magic for kids and adults that can be done with just a regular deck of cards.

And if you perform formal close-up magic, you'll also learn the tricks with coins, cards, and cups and balls that formed David's IBM competition act that won him the Gold Cups.

This is not a book full of DIY props to build or gimmicks to buy (the only gimmicks used in the entire book are a thumb tip and a double backer) - instead, it's a book of quality, practical magic and new twists on classic plots. If you ask any of your favorite magicians what their favorite magic books are, Williamson's Wonders is guaranteed to be on that list.


  • Foreward
  • The Wonderful Coin Vanish
  • Cross-Eyed Coins Across
  • Rebate
  • The Striking Vanish
  • Coin From Pen Cap
  • Coin in Bottle
  • Copper, Silver, and Purse
  • Wishing Well
  • Money Talks
  • When You're Behind, You're Ahead
  • The Change Bag
  • Floating Assembly
  • Cello-Feign
  • Don't Cut Me Out
  • He Who Spelt it Dealt it
  • Interlaced Swindle
  • Stabbed from the Back
  • Double-Time Travelers
  • The Famous Three Card Trick
  • The Hypnotist
  • Torn and Restored Transposition
  • 51 Cards to Pocket
  • Whirlybird Silk Vanish
  • Beelzebub's Blade
  • The Gold Cups

Pages 96 - Hardbound with dust jacket, photo-illustrated

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