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World of Super Mentalism #2
by Larry Becker

One of the finest books on Mentalism ever.

This book in its original form, sold for $75.00 in 1979. The material it contained was worth far more to working, professional mentalists. If you can find a copy today, it'll probably cost you between $100 and $125. But what's more important is the fact that the material is just as fresh today as it was back in '79.

The "Best of Larry Becker's World of Super Mentalism" Book 2, contains a total of 36 outstanding mental miracles, almost 90% of the original contents. And best of all, the methods for accomplishing these bafflers is sheer simplicity. No complicated sleights or dry as dust presentations. These super subtle swindles are pure entertainment from start to finish.

Learn phenomenal effects like:

PSI-STEBBINS: that enables the performer to reveal the identity of cards removed from a deck thoroughly shuffled by several spectators.

SNAKES ALIVE: a baffling effect with the comedy built-in.

BELL, BOOK & CANDLE: a fabulous word test.

Extraordinary mental effects with cards, coins, books, and more. Over 150 pages packed with easy-to-do, mentalism that'll fool the living daylights out of the most sophisticated audience

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