Vectra MAXX Heavy Duty Thread

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If Vectra threads were Superheros, MAXX would be The Hulk. It's a jet black monofilament with a strengh to thickness ratio that's blowing minds around here. It seems like just yesterday we were amazed by threads that could support a fraction of a pound without being seen. Now suddenly... we're off the charts!

In the proper conditions, Vectra MAXX is suitable for levitations but you're going to want to bring it into play where strength is the absolute priority. It's primary use will be for stage work and situations where you have control over your lighting and backdrop.

When you need a thread that's thin enough to enter the realm of "invisible" but you could use it to tie your shoes... There is no substitute for Vectra MAXX. Thread will hold a 5 pound weight, and one spool contains 300 feet.

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