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Tannen's is proud to announce the launch of our brand new Book Club! Join your favorite magic authors each month on Zoom to discuss their books. On August 1st at 2pm EST, we'll be joined by the author of Naypes, Roberto Mansilla from Argentina and publisher Andi Gladwin! If you own a copy of Naypes, attending Book Club is completely free! If you need a copy, we have some available here.

Roberto Mansilla's


A collection of practical routines and thought-provoking essays on card magic for a parlor environment, including a brilliant ACAAN you’ll love.

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Book Club FAQ

Q: How much is Book Club?

A: Free! All you need to do to join Book Club is own a copy of this meetings book. If you buy a copy from Tannen's you will automatically be sent the Zoom link. If you already own the book, just send us a photo of your copy by clicking here.

Q: How long is each Book Club?

A: Each meeting lasts at least 60 minutes, but may run longer.

Upcoming Meetings


On August 1st at 2pm EST, author Roberto Mansilla and publisher Andi Gladwin will chat with you about making card magic play for larger audiences.

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Previous Meetings

Drawing Room Deceptions

Learn about the evolution of Guy Hollingworth's material in this conversation with Mike Caveney.

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Confronting Magic

Watch the recording of our introductory meeting with Steve Cohen, author of Confronting Magic.

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Handsome Jack, etc.

Watch the recording of our meeting with John Lovick, author of Handsome Jack, etc. and Jared Kopf.

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Author Derek DelGaudio shares stories and answers questions about his best selling book.

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