Ring to Shoelace
Ring to Shoelace
Ring to Shoelace
Ring to Shoelace
Ring to Shoelace

Ring to Shoelace

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It fooled Penn and Teller, and now you can learn and perform this show-stopping piece!

The plot is clear and simple: an audience member's ring is borrowed and wrapped in a handkerchief. It instantly vanishes, and reappears tied onto your shoelace.

Features of Ring to Shoelace:

  • Set up of the shoe takes less than 10 seconds
  • No alteration to your pants - you can even do this in shorts!
  • No sleight of hand, and the gimmicks do all the work for you
  • You never touch your shoes or put your hands in your pockets
  • Resets in seconds
  • Can be performed close-up or on stage

While this trick is based on Richard Sanders' Interlace, Adrian's new method will fool everyone, especially people who already own or use Interlace. These tricks may look similar, but the practicality of Ring to Shoelace allows you to set up much faster and wear any pants that you like.

Instructions come in both English and Spanish with multiple live performances. 

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