Our Gift Guide

Our Guide to Buying Magic This Holiday Season

I think that we all know that magicians can be notoriously hard to shop for - especially for an outsider! So we pulled together a list of our favorite tricks and books that we think any magician would appreciate as a gift this year. Most items on the list are new releases this year, and everything on this list has been used and tested by us here at the store. We even have a section specifically for beginners, so you can shop for any skill level with confidence.

Of course, when in doubt, gift cards are available and always a great option. And lastly, if you're in the New York City area, tickets to Magic After Hours with Noah Levine make for a magical gift for magicians and magic fans alike.

New Books

You Are All Terrible

Harrison Greenbaum's irreverent guide to comedy magic. A fascinating read with no tricks, but helpful hints on originality.

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Sleights and Insights

Stage and close-up magic from the repertoire of one of the most respected sleight-of-hand experts in our field

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Sleightly Absurd

Comedy magician and juggler Charlie Frye shares the secrets to some of his most closely guarded material.

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Insructions for Miracles

For the lover of card magic, this book flew under the radar of most people, and is without a doubt in the running for best magic book of the year!

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Neat Review: Issue Five

Exploring the magic of Paris in this issue, the Neat Review is a mix of articles, beautiful photographs, interviews, and tricks, that make for a great read for any magic fan.

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Williamson's Wonders

Back in print after more than a decade! David Williamson taught at our magic camp for the first time this year, and he was a huge hit among everyone in attendance. His book is full of practical, hard-hitting close-up magic for the real world.

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Tricks & Gimmicks

Ring On Shoelace

One of the most popular tricks of the year, this trick even fooled Penn & Teller!

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Finally back in stock! A full deck of cards levitates up to your hand on your command - the method is just as crazy as the effect!

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Hard Stretch

The perfect closer to any routine with rubber bands!

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Mirage Coin Set

Whether you're a coin expert or you do no coin magic at all, this collection has both the most essential gimmicks in coin magic as well as expert instruction.

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An update to one of the most commonly used tools in mentalism that let you perform dozens of effects with ease.

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Mint Box

Unavailable for years, this gimmick fits in your pocket so you can perform a miracle at any time.

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Best for Beginners

Black and White Surprise

A True classic that can be learned in minutes!

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This is the trick for you if you want something easy that you can carry with you wherever you go.

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A card trick that feels nothing like a card trick! What starts as a getting to know you game ends up as an impossible piece of mentalism, and it's completely self-working.

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Card College: Vol. 1

Beginners and Experts alike agree, this is the best book to start learning sleight of hand with a normal deck of cards.

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Card Leap

A freely thought of card jumps from one pile to another, with no sleight of hand!

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Double Cross

Loved by amateurs and professionals, this trick has been used on TV by some of the most famous magicians alive today, and you won't believe how easy it is to learn!

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