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"This is one of the great packet tricks. Bravo!"
- David Regal

"...a card trick that is not only a no brainer to perform, but certainly has the potential of becoming an instant classic. Whether you do strolling magic at parties, work behind the bar, table-hop at your local restaurant or just do tricks for friends and relatives, Entourage will have your spectators gasping in total disbelief. This is no hype friends, no exaggeration. Yes, this trick is that good."
- Steve Brooks (Featured review on the Magic Cafe)

"@#%*$& awesome!"
- Criss Angel

"Gordon's done it again. This kills."
- Cyril

After naming any one of the Queens, a spectator mysteriously divines its position among four face-down cards. As an additional climax, all the other cards are shown to be jokers.


A clean, clear effect

With a Legitimately Free Choice,
Any One of the Queens is Named

With a Legitimately Free Choice,
Any One of Four Face-Down Cards is Selected

First Climax: The Selected Card is the Named Queen!

Second Climax: The Other Face-Down Cards Are All Jokers!


Immediate, Open Reset

Repeatable to the Same Audience with Any Named Queen

No Difficult Sleight-of-Hand

No Table Needed; Perfect for Walk-Around

Comes complete with 6 Bicycle cards (2 gimmicked) in envelope and a 6 page, photo illustrated booklet.

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