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Two bills are displayed, a regular bill, and a bill with a slit in the center.

Both bills are placed into your wallet. You explain that whenever you are in a store or a bar and the check is , you always pay using only the bill, with the slit in it.

The bill is then folded in a split second, to look EXACTLY like two dollar bills. If the specially folded bill attracts suspicion, its no problem, you are a magician. The two 's INSTANTLY and VISIBLY change into a bill!

The bill, with the slit, is now back inside your otherwise empty wallet.

This is a super visual, stunning bill transposition. Both the bills change and the slit vanishes. It's easy to do and a real winner. You will love to carry this you everywhere you go.

The Volunteer Swindler can also be performed with other bills/notes from many different countries, including Euros & Uk notes.

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