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Imagine this: you take a single bill, and it visually multiplies into a whole stack of them.

It literally looks like money is growing out of your hands. This effect was originally designed by Patrick Kun back in 2016 for a TV show and has been in his repertoire since.

After years of development, Inflation has been improved with a new system for easy handling and maximum impact. It is now super practical and can be performed anywhere, anytime. All the bills you produce can be examined and used right away. 

You will receive a fully customized device that can hold up to 30 bills of any currency. This effect is the perfect way to end any routine using money. 

It can be adapted to use with a voucher, lottery ticket, receipt, check, and much more. Specially printed bills with different currencies are also provided to make your own gimmick.

Inflation is great for walk-around social media. Following that effect, your audience will remember you forever. 

As a special bonus, you'll receive a new handling of Breach, Kun's visual bill-splitting effect that can be combined as a routine. 

What you receive:

- a specially designed holdout that can hold up to 30 bills of any currency.
- paper bills in some currency for gimmick-making
- real bills are NOT included
- BONUS: Breach 2.0 is included for FREE

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