The Challenge

The Challenge

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Magic so good, it will make you feel like a layperson again!

"It is the MOST magical moment I have felt in years.” - Chris Ramsay

In the world of magic, it can sometimes feel like we’ve seen it all. Yet, there are certain magicians like FISM Award-Winner Mario Lopez that continually challenge us to rethink everything we know. His modern takes on all-time classics are more amazing and impossible than anything we’ve ever seen.

Mario’s latest conquest, “The Charming Chinese Challenge”, resulted in a beautiful work of magical art. This smart, compelling effect is like watching poetry in motion. It is as fooling as it is entertaining, and a real treat to perform.

“The Challenge” by Mario Lopez comes with premium props crafted by Card-Shark as well as detailed hour-long instructions that will teach you two amazing routines and a variety of ideas.

"I am the president of the Mario Lopez Fan Club. I love his work!” - Kevin James

"Mario's ideas always go beyond the trick itself. It's not about whether or not the coin goes through the string. It's about the mix of sensations in each phase of the presentation. ‘The Challenge’ is a beautiful piece of magic, solved in an intelligent, visual, and entertaining way.” - Luis Olmedo

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