Melero Rings

Melero Rings

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For the past hundred years, there have been very few practical changes to the gimmick involved in the linking rings. Ernesto Melero has adapted the classic gimmick to make new handlings possible.

First, link two rings together. Then add a third and a fourth. This far, any set of rings will do. But normally, when displaying the chain of four, you have to use two hands to avoid exposing the gimmick. With the Melero Rings, you can let go, exposing the circumference of the rings. No, this is not a locking key. This is a brand new gimmick that fits into any linking ring routine you might already know. There are no flaps, magnets, or moving parts to break. From here on, rings fall off and on in the most visual and fair manner possible.

Besides the new gimmick, Ernesto has created new sleights in his four ring routine that are simple to learn and amplify the impact on lay people. You'll learn multiple original and visual un-links, new routinings, and even a move where you link two rings in the spectator's hands and they can immediately examine them. Between his new gimmick and his original sleights, Ernesto has taken the biggest step forward with the linking rings in recent years.

What you get:

  • Four rings (a chain of two, a single, and Ernesto's new gimmick)
  • Carrying case
  • 50-minute instructional video teaching three routines

Crafted from a gorgeous, scratch-resistant iron with seamless chrome plating, these rings were built with workers in mind. They are perfect for both close-up workers and parlor magicians, and are easily transported with the included ballistic foam carrying case.

Product specifications: Each ring is 5" in diameter and is chrome plated.

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