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Print an entire deck of cards in the fairest manner possible!

You remove a deck from the box and ribbon spread it across the table so the audience can plainly see that it is a blank faced deck. From the spread, you remove four cards that you show front and back. As you do so, the audience can plainly see the blank face of every single card in the deck. The four blank cards are squared, and after a snap they change into the four jacks. Then, a wave over the deck causes the entire pack to print into a regular deck of cards!

When you watch the performance, what's most striking is how fair everything looks. Normally, printing routines require some kind of contrived display involving a tight pressure fan or a robotic sequence of Hindu shuffles, Elmsley counts, and dimimishing lift sequences. In Canvas, the audience can see the face of each blank card at the same time, creating the ultimate clean picture of a blank (and then printed) deck of cards. Since there's no deck switch, the audience can burn your hands the entire time and they won't notice a thing.

The gimmicks provided do 95% of the work for you. This trick is the perfect way to open a show and prove that your magic is worth watching without saying a word. Luis Olmedo uses Canvas to open every performance he does, including his award winning show in Spain.

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