Coffee Break
Coffee Break

Coffee Break

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Coffee Break is the perfect way to present the classic chop cup for both the restaurant performer and in casual, informal settings. 

Coffee Break is like a chop cup, but with two main differences:

The props: The classic gimmicked chop cup has now been built into an espresso mug. You can get rid of your suspicious looking metal cups, and now perform your same routine with something your audience has seen before! And instead of using a crochet ball, this routine is designed to use a borrowed and signed dollar bill, making it feel more impromptu.

The Finale: After performing an astounding sequence of vanishes, appearances, and penetrations, every chop cup routine needs a great final load. First, you'll produce a coffee pod from under the cup, tying the presentation all together. The spectator can examine this pod and can see that it's completely sealed. The only way to open it is to puncture the seal. But when you do, they find that there's no coffee inside. Instead, their signed dollar bill is inside the sealed coffee pod!

The routine taught on the 35 minute video is easy enough for even a beginner to learn quickly. You'll receive everything you need to perform this effect, including:

  • "Chop Cup" espresso cup
  • Special coffee spoon
  • Gimmick capsule
  • 3 special sugars
  • 100 aluminum lids
  • A link for the 35 minute video tutorial

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