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The magician and audience members all place their hands lightly on the table, and it begins to rise straight in the air. The spectators can place their feet on the magician's to make sure that they aren't lifting the table with their legs. And before or after the levitation, spectators are welcome to try to lift the table - they'll find that it's much too heavy to lift.

L.I.F.T. stands for Live Impromptu Floating Table. There are no gimmicks, and it's a one-person effect with no hidden accomplices. Since LIFT doesn't require a gimmicked table, you don't have to travel with any props. Not every table meets the requirements for LIFT, but you'll find lots of tables out in the world that work perfectly. There are no clothing requirements, and viewing angles are fantastic. LIFT has entertained lay audiences, fooled the most knowledgeable magicians, and bewildered everyone in between.

The best way to think about lift is like the Balducci Levitation. The secret is simple, and while there are no gimmicks, you need to make sure circumstances are right before you perform. But when circumstances are right, you'll have an impromptu miracle, and all you need is the knowledge from this book.

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