Miracle Puzzle (STAGE/ECO) by Doruk Ulgen - Trick

Miracle Puzzle (STAGE

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A poetic mystery, an illusionette that can be carried with one hand, a display of pure elegance and beauty...

A Sophisticated experience...Miracle Puzzle (Stage / Eco) by Doruk Ulgen

Performer introduces a puzzle that fits perfectly in a beautiful frame, which all together is displayed upright on an elegant display board. He invites a spectator to examine the puzzle pieces and the frame. Frame is removed and hanged on the corner of the display board. Performer produces an extra piece and puts it on the display stand for future use. Puzzle pieces are mixed and re arranged in full view. Although the rectangular shape is still the same, one piece seems to be missing. Extra piece shown earlier, fits perfectly to this spot. However mystery continues as the performer produces an even bigger piece, adds it to the puzzle, re-arranges the pieces and yet again make a perfect rectangular. However, this time the previously added piece is left out. Performance once again rearranges the pieces and creates the perfect spot for the piece. All of the mystery so far escalates itself to a new level once the performer takes the frame which stayed in full view trough out the performance. Although there are new pieces added, the frame still fits the puzzle perfectly, leaving the audiences puzzled with a sophisticated mystery experience.

Strong points:
  • An illusionette you can carry with one had, packs flat for easy transport
  • Easy to do, no sleight of hand necessary (no ditching, no palming etc.)
  • 20 second setup / reset
  • Suitable for any type and size of audience
  • Can be done surrounded and at anytime of your act
  • Not just another trick, its a complete routine with adjustable timing
  • Perform it with a custom story that fits your style, whether it be poetic, fun, full of mystery or even something customized to a specific event for the needs of your client
  • Display board measuring approx 57 X 47 cm which is magnetic with a smooth, black surface, surrounded by an elegant wooden frame
  • Hand crafted hard PVC foam puzzle pieces with magnetic backs that attach to display board (these feel like wood but more sturdy and lighter!), marble like pattern on their face and a clear protection layer on top
  • An elegant frame that fits the puzzle perfectly (measuring approx 28 X 34 cm)
  • Detailed online video instructions along with written instructions
Note: Does not include the easel/stand which can be obtained worldwide cheaply and easily.

Made in limited quantities, get yours while you can !

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