Phantom Lock
Phantom Lock

Phantom Lock

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Here's what happens: The magician displays a wine glass, a padlock, a key, and a handkerchief. The spectator is asked to close the lock and hold onto the key. They gently place the lock inside of the glass, while it is still locked. The glass is covered with a handkerchief for just a moment. When it is removed, the lock is no longer sitting in the glass - it's now locked onto the stem! The spectator is free to use the key to open the lock and can examine the lock and glass.
You'll receive everything you need to perform this trick, including the glass. However, the glass is ungimmicked, so you can switch it out for a glass you already have at home if you want to match a different aesthetic. The gimmick involved does all the work for you, and theis trick is incredibly easy to learn!

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