Tommy Wonder Cups & Balls Set 2.0 (Brass)
Tommy Wonder Cups & Balls Set 2.0 (Brass)
Tommy Wonder Cups & Balls Set 2.0 (Brass)

Tommy Wonder Cups & Balls Set 2.0 (Brass)

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The exact props you need for a modern classic!

When Tommy Wonder started appearing at magic conventions, everyone was talking about his Cups and Balls routine. He took a trick that had been around for thousands of years, injected his own personal spin, designed new props with a surprise ending, and fooled even the most knowledgeable magicians.

When the books of wonder were published, many people thought that everyone would start performing Tommy's Two Cup Routine. But when excited magicians opened the books, they realized that to perform the routine, they needed to become expert prop-builders. Even if you learned how to knit the balls and bag out of yarn, you were still stuck with the fact that standard Paul Fox-style cups are too small for the moments in Tommy's Routine, and you'd be on the hunt for the perfect cups.

Now, for the first time, you can purchase all the props required, made specifically for this modern-classic routine. The cups are made to the exact dimensions of Tommy Wonder's cups, and the balls are the same material, size, and design as described in the book. The bag and pom-pom use the exact same release-mechanism described in the book and on the DVDs.

Unlike standard cups and balls routines, with Tommy's routine:
  • No pocket loads
  • Can be performed standing
  • No wand required
  • Two cups take up less table space
  • Instant reset for walk-around performers
  • Magic happens in the spectator's hands
  • An ending that will surprise audiences even if they've seen the Cups and Balls before
Note: The instructions that come with these cups are a clip from a lecture Tommy gave. If you want to learn to perform his routine, we recommend you study it from the in-depth explanations either from his Books of Wonder or Volume 1 of his Visions of Wonder DVDs.

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