Warrior Women Playing Cards by Headless Kings

Warrior Women Playing Cards

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History was never kind to women as traditional history obscured, neglected, and distorted the historical record and experience of many great women. No matter how hard they fought to become a writer, poet, scientist or an artist, being a woman was a huge drawback in any society, but in the end they had another battle to overcome, fighting not to be eliminated by the hands of history.

Among these noble women, some were known for their warrior spirit, the spirit to participate on battlefields, the manliest place, a place where no woman was welcome, yet there were some, who broke the tradition. In these battlefields not only did they fight as good as men, but some of them were leaders or had a special role in the war. All these women warriors fought back against a male-dominated world.

In this project, we tried our best to know these great warriors, to honor the past, inform the present and inspire the future.


- Poker size
- Air cushion embossed card finish
- Premium casino grade paper stock
- 56 completely custom playing cards (Each court, Ace and Joker cards will have original illustrations)
- Custom pips
- 2 extra Jokers (Total 4 custom illustrated Jokers)
- Metallic backs

Tuck box

- Use of gold, silver and red FOIL for the tuck box
- The tuck box will have EMBOSSING on all sides
- Interior foil print

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