PSI Mental Cube
PSI Mental Cube
PSI Mental Cube
PSI Mental Cube
PSI Mental Cube

PSI Mental Cube

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Love Mental Dice? iCube? Real Die? Well, now you can perform your favorite color cube routine with an object as normal as a Rubik's Cube!


With all the colors on their respective sides, give the cube to your spectator and have them put it behind their back. Whichever color is facing up - you will know what it is! OR... give your spectator a mixed cube to put behind their back. Then, reveal the scattered pattern! We love performing this effect in the shop, and we hope you'll enjoy it too! - Tannen's




Let's take your Rubik's Cube magic to the next level! 


PSI is a revolutionary gimmick which is perfect for mentalists. During a multi-phased routine, the magician can accurately predict the outcomes in a mind blogging manner. 


This prop requires no assistant and it is self-contained. The gimmicked cube functions like a normal cube, so you can use it for other routines as well. An extra ungimmicked cube is also supplied for your performance. 



- Gimmicked cube x 1 (rechargeable) 

- Normal cube x 1 

- Mind-reading device x 1 


PSI works with various stacks and sleights, so you can add this gimmick into your existing routines and make them even more powerful!

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